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Cyber Security: Business SOS

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GCA Certificate

Why is it in our interest to be cyber secure? Our bite-sized online cyber security workshop is a very practical, non-technical course. It should take you around half a day to complete and has a quick test at the end for you to gain a Global Cyber Academy ‘Certificate of Achievement’.

Our course provides video, audio, written content, fascinating case studies and fun tests. It is continuously improved in order to stay timely, relevant and actionable.

What Do Our Experts Cover?

Section One – What is Hacking and why is it so important?
Section Two – Methods of attack and how to tell we’ve been hacked
Section Three – Laws and regulations around computer misuse, hacking and losing data
Section Four – Mobile data and changing our security ‘mindset’
Section Five – Your Security Toolkit. Including ‘Ten Simple Steps’ to stay safer on-line

Quick and easy induction to cyber security, taking 4+ hours to complete.
Our course provides video, written content and practical tests.
Provides a clear understanding of ‘hacking’ and why it such an important issue for all employees and managers
Identifies regular methods of cyber-attack and shows us how to tell we’ve been hacked.

Outlines and provides examples for the many laws and regulations governing computer misuse and the unintentional loss of other people’s data
Prepares employees and managers to use mobile data more securely as well as changes our relaxed ‘mindset’
An introduction to the EU General Data Protection Regulation and other important laws
Helps you to building your own cyber security toolkit by applying our Ten Simple Steps to stay safer online
Presented by practitioners and subject matter experts, Cyber SOS is continuously revised in order to stay timely, relevant and actionable


This business course is literally like taking your driving lessons and driving test in cyber security. It’s fantastic and should form part of every organisation’s staff induction!