CSARN GCA Corporate Security Risk Monitor – February 2022

Business Resilience as Conflict and Cyber Attacks Surge CSARN CORPORATE SECURITY RISK MONITOR FEBRUARY 2022 The leading security brief of UK-based businesses and employer organisations. Contents 1. Threat Levels 2. Security Contexts – UK, US, Europe, International 3. Cyber Attacks and Economic Crime 4. Wrap-up: Seven Quick Wins for Business Resilience Section 1: Threat Levels: […]

Ten Reasons why Cyber Security is the Profession for you!

The average annual wage in for dedicated Cyber Security jobs is between $59,000 and $72,000 (up16%). Those with accreditations earn at least 10% more year-on-year and get promoted more often. Cyber Security ranks 17th out of 100 for top jobs in the U.S. and even higher in many other advanced economies By 2025, cyber-crime will […]

CSARN GCA Corporate Security Risk Monitor – January 2022

Contents Threat Levels Security Contexts – UK, US and Europe Cyber and Economic Crime Controls and Latest Guidance Section 1: Threat Levels:   United Kingdom Current National Threat Level: Severe Current Northern Ireland-related Threat Level: Severe Severe means an attack is highly likely. Source: MI5   United States Current National Threat Level: Elevated Elevated means […]