Global Cyber Academy

Advisory Council

Our International Advisory Council brings together some of the world’s most experienced  business practitioners and policy-makers. Council members serve in a voluntary capacity for two-year terms. The Council meets twice per year at locations drawn from our global network of cyber college campuses. Academic partnerships with universities, colleges and businesses are the lifeblood of our learning community.

If your country is not represented, and/or your organisation wishes to apply to join our Advisory Council and College Network, please state your case via a formal correspondence to the serving Secretary to the Advisory Council, via our contacts link.

Wayne Harrop

Tony Bennett

Susanna Toth

Professor Dr Selvaraj Oyyan Pillay

Samuel Asante-Nnuro

Dr Sainey Faye

Carolyn Harrison

Rich Cooper

Ray Brogden

Paul Edon

Dr Nicole Lipkin

Nick Harris

Mike O'Neill

Graeme McGowan

Geoff Hudson-Searle

Dr Lola Martins

Dr Indrachapa Bandara

David Olive

David Evans

Simon Chan

Bruce Wynn OBE

Andy Williams